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Here's what clients are saying about Athena and 307K9...

Small group, fun activity with my dog, great instructor

Individualized training even though a group class setting

The instructor was clear and on point with teaching the class. The class size was small and everyone received individual attention. 

The class was better than expected!

Had fun working with my dog, well organized, and well-written materials.

Interactive, hands-on learning, emailed handouts, and small class size makes individual instruction easy

Small class size for individual attention when needed, instructors knowledge, and instructor's input during practice time

The instructor, the size of the class, and the atmosphere of the class were very friendly.

Good interaction with the instructor, a good variety of training subjects, and homework assignments sent out after each class was very helpful.

Athena is very knowledgeable. She is well-organized, patient, and kind. The environment was comfortable, the teacher was very helpful, and the training wasn’t rushed. I would recommend this class to anyone.

This was a great class. I appreciate the work that Athena is doing. My dog made a lot of progress and I look forward to taking her advanced class more. I would recommend this class to anyone.

Athena was very encouraging and patient with my puppy. I received great tips. The homework assignments were valuable and I will continue to use them in my training.

I can't say enough pawsitive things about Athena. We first hired her to help train our new puppy five years ago, and again last year when we adopted a year-old rescue dog. She is truly a dog whisperer! Her knowledge and understanding of dog behavior are incredible. She has a calm, reassuring style that made me confident and relaxed so I could learn along with the dogs. Her love and concern for the welfare of dogs, and all animals, are so evident. Our rescue dog came to us with some "issues" and the adjustment period was challenging. Athena was the first call I made the day we brought him home. It's because of her training we have two very happy, well-loved dogs. I would recommend Athena to anyone needing a dog trainer. I trust her knowledge, respect her wisdom, and admire her dedication to all things dog.

--Jamie B

Sometimes, when we least expect it....a truly incredible person walks into our lives and changes us forever.

Athena Brown is that person for me. About 6 years ago, I knew nothing about socializing, training, and raising puppies!

Then I got the number for Athena Brown! 

This person is incredible with dogs...calm, clear, consistent, and fair....huge traits in a trainer.

She actually trains me and I, then, train the dog!!! She is excellent and highly educated! She knows exactly what she is doing. She is effective and competent 100% of the time.

I am blessed to have her in my world!

--Susan T

I heartily endorse Athena @307K9 as a dog obedience instructor. She is comfortable with dogs & people, confident in her knowledge, and can read any training situation. Whether you are looking for manners or specific issues, Athena is the person to call.


Satisfied customer for 10+years

We got our dog, from the Metro and, as everyone knows, getting a dog from the shelter also means he or she probably has some baggage. Ours was no exception. He was a great dog; didn’t really bark, got along with almost everyone, and even learned new tricks. My family went out of town and we happened to leave our dog with friends for a few days. During this time, certain events happened and it ended up where we needed to either bring our dog back to the Metro and surrender him or put him down. Luckily our neighbors knew of a lady named Athena Brown and she was kind enough to come to see if he could be rehabilitated. Luckily, she was willing to take our dog into her home while we were out of town and work with him. We kept in contact with her to see how he was doing and when we got back from our vacation, our dog was making great strides so we signed up for private training classes with her. She came into our home, at the soccer fields, or wherever we took our dog and taught us how to deal with all of his issues. She was also willing to do whatever it took to help us out as well. Prior to Athena coming into our lives, our dog walked pretty well with a pinch collar but she taught us to stick with just a collar. Because of the techniques that Athena taught us, our dog now does a great job on our walks without the use of a pinch collar! Although this was one example, she gave us numerous ideas and techniques to work on with our dog. Not only did she help us with his manners, but she also had us look at his mannerisms in order to understand what he might be thinking which was wonderful. We now know what to do and how to read him when people come over. We have learned that he is an anxious dog and my family and I would not have known some of these issues if Athena had not pointed them out. I also think we would not have our dog if it were not for her, the training sessions, and her passion for dogs. She is always kind but firm with them which is not always what you might see with other trainers. You can truly see how much she loves dogs and only wants the best for them. I would highly recommend Athena and the 307K9! In fact, I do all the time!

--Becky S.

My husband and I have taken our dogs [Yellow Labrador and Peek-a-poo] to Athena's Good Manners and Beyond Manners classes.

Our Yellow Labrador is my husband's first pet and he learned so much about how to work with his dog and how to help our lab work with my husband. They are hunting partners as well as playmates. Attending Athena's classes worked wonders for them!

I adopted my Peek-a-poo from a very bad place when she was only 5 weeks old. Even though I was patient with her and tried to make learning and socializing a good experience she had severe trust issues and would get stiff and glassy-eyed if I tried to hold her close or make her listen She would get aggressive and snap and bark at strangers and other animals.

I have been through numerous obedience classes with previous dogs and none of the usual methods seemed to work with her. After 6 months of frustration, I was at my wit's end with how to get through to her. I did not want to give up on her and I knew in my heart finding her a new home was not an option because I was afraid that someone else would hurt her or have her put to sleep because she resisted affection and tendency to "fight the world".

I contacted Athena and after the first class, I finally felt a connection with my dog. Athena told me she could tell that my dog and I actually did have a bond and that my dog obviously trusted me to keep her safe in unfamiliar situations. With Athena's help and guidance, we strengthened our bond. Every class was a new adventure and my little Peek-a-poo seemed as excited to go to class as I was. My dog blossomed and went from growly and snappy to allowing strangers and other animals to come near without issue. With every class and Athena's positivity, my dog and I bonded and became the best of buddies. I was even able to leave her alone with Athena while I left the room for a period of time as a test of how far she had come with her attitude toward other people. My dog handled it like a champ! She and I graduated from those sessions and have attended other functions at Athena's facility that have been fun and positive experiences. My Peek-a-poo will be 6 years old this year and she is my walking partner and all-around best little friend. We frequent Petco and Murdoch's with no stress and there is always an abundance of hugs and kisses!

I am happy to report that thanks to Athena's patience and positivity both of our dogs are the best buddies my husband and I could ever ask for.

I have recommended Athena to friends and strangers alike. My Peek-a-poo is living proof that Athena's training works!

Teresa C.

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