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Smart Dog

Day School Program

In Day School, your dog will come to 307K9 for training 2 days per week and you have the option of half-day or full-day sessions. 

This program introduces the dog to the foundations of basic manners such as leash skills, come, leave it, drop it, polite greeting, as well as how to settle on a dog bed or relax in a kennel. Training exercises, enrichment play, learning to interact with people or dogs*, self-control exercises, and thinking games are all included with Day School.  

*Only dogs enrolled in the Day School Programs that are known to safely interact with other dogs will have the opportunity to socialize*


Day School includes 8 days of training, weekly private transfer lessons, a personal Google folder with training information handouts to cover training sessions, and a discount on any group training class.

Preschool Program 

It is designed for you to bring your dog for half days twice per week (Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays). 


Head Start Program  

It is designed for you to bring your dog all day twice per week (Wednesdays & Fridays). 


Continuing Education Program

This is available upon completion of the Preschool or Head Start Program and includes 8 days of training and 2 private lessons to be used within 30 days of the first day of training. Any extensions or exceptions must be prearranged.

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