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Group classes are a series of lessons where you learn with your dog in a group setting with other dogs and their owners. For all group classes, enrollment priority is given to clients who have already completed a program or a class, but occasionally there are openings available to the public. Contact us to receive more information about when these openings become available.

* *Your dog must be free of reactive behaviors [barking, growling, lunging] towards people or dogs to attend these classes. If you’re not sure if your dog would do well in a group environment, we can give you a free evaluation with a meet and greet.



Group classes require the biggest commitment on your part to make the training effective. Group classes are set for predetermined days and times. If your schedule needs more flexibility, private sessions may provide a better solution for you. I have a handout on how to choose the option that is best for you and your dog. Please let me know if you’d like a copy.


Foundational skills that will assist you in developing a basic level of communication: sit, wait at doors, loose leash walking, down, short stay, come on a short lead, place (or go to bed), self-control with low distraction, sit to greet, and tricks.


Beyond Manners Class is an advanced class that strengthens dogs’ Leash Skills, Polite Greeting, & Reliable Recall Skills by introducing training exercises that are more challenging and useful in the real world. This is a great opportunity for fine-tuning specific issues related to jumping on people, coming when called, and pulling on the leash.


These classes are open to anyone that wants to enjoy learning new and fun things with their dog. To attend any of these classes, your dog must be free of reactivity or aggression toward people and dogs. Contact me to discuss how my coaching programs are a better starting point for you and your dog.


Intro to ScentWork–Level I Follow the Nose

This class is open to dogs of all ages. This foundation class introduces the concept of the game, builds handler observation skills and timing, and gets dogs focused. Food or a toy are used to build a hunting drive while keeping the game fun, building confidence, and burning lots of mental and physical energy.


Intro to Odor–Level II The Nose Knows

This class is open to those who have taken Intro to Scentwork. It will begin by going back to basics and repeating many of the exercises from the Intro class, but instead of food, an odor is introduced. We start with Birch as the first target odor. Searches expand in difficulty and observation skills along with leash handling will expand. The class will be focusing on containers and interiors and includes one drop-in weekend training. *Participants receive the birch odor with their scent kit!


Intro to Vehicles And Exteriors–Level III The Nosey K9

This class is open to those who have taken Intro to Odor. Continue to challenge your dog in the fun game of ScentWork with the Level III class. Dogs will be presented with buried hides and vehicle searches. With more distractions and more odors to add to the game, your dog will love these new challenges. *Participants receive two additional scents!


ScentWork Practice & Drop In [This 

 "Drop-In" means you can show up whenever you want within the timeframe set aside for practices...every week, once a month...whatever you want. Drop-in is an opportunity for handlers and their dogs that have already attended a 307K9 Intro to ScentWork to have dedicated time to practice the skills they are working on. It is expected that you and your dog already know the basic skills of the topic of the drop-in. 

***If you've attended other Scent Work or Nose Work type classes please email me first.***



Tune Up - Level One

Fit Dog is a strengthening and conditioning class for our canine companions! We encourage healthy dogs of all activity levels to participate and we'll make sure your dog works at a level it's comfortable with. We will work on foot awareness, stability, core exercises, and flexibility.


Level Two [COMING SOON!]

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