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Coaching Programs include private lessons, training information handouts, a discount on any group class, an optional follow-up lesson, if needed, within 12 months of completing your training lessons, and unlimited email support.  

Ultimate Coaching Program is our most common program for owners who want their dogs to have a solid foundation of basic skills.  This program includes 6 private lessons held at 307K9 Training Center.

*An additional service fee of $10/lesson may apply if any of the facility sessions are requested to be completed off-site instead.

* Prices are for a single dog. Additional $10/lesson for any additional dog.

*This program must be completed within 12 weeks from your enrollment date.

Behavior Modification & Management Program

This is a training program designed for dogs that need more than basic obedience. Obedience is included as a part of training because it is an integral part of the foundation, but this program is more intensive.

* Dogs should have a veterinarian rule out any possible medical causes.

These lessons are customized to the needs of the dog and client after an initial evaluation. The Behavior Modification Program is eight in-person lessons. Only the 1st session needs to be held at my training facility. Other lessons can be held where the problem behavior is occurring.

This Service Includes:

8 training sessions, typically 1-2 weeks apart, conducted in person [1st session will be held at my training facility]

Contemporary, force-free training techniques that are based on science and prioritize your dog's well-being and relationship with you.

Practical recommendations for safety and management, plus help with implementation and troubleshooting

Friendly, patient coaching that respects your experience and relationship with your dog.

Thoughtful referrals and reports to veterinarians, veterinary behaviorists, and other professionals as needed or requested.

1 year of follow-up support and unlimited email support

Drop Off Dog Training 

Want to just drop off your dog for a couple of hours a week and let me help you with your dog’s training? I’ll keep your pet for a couple of hours for some basic training while you go run errands, grab a bite to eat, or just take some alone time and relax. After 1 1/2 hours is up, come back and I’ll show you what your dog learned. Just think of the bonus this can be to you and your dog! If you are enrolled in a coaching program or group class, drop-off training can supplement what your dog is already learning by providing additional training. Maybe you’ve already gone through a coaching program or group class. Maintain those skills your pet already knows or get a jump start on new skills.

Choose one: Polite Leash Walking, Sit or Down with Stay, Settle/Place, Impulse Control, Waiting at doors, and proper manners when interacting with humans, or you can specify a single behavior you’d like help with.

Drop Off Training Requirements

Dogs must be people-friendly and dog tolerant in order to participate and cannot have significant behavior issues. Reactivity and aggression issues are best resolved through behavior consultation and private coaching lessons.

Drop Off Training is only available on Wednesday and Friday at this time

Drop Off Training is not open enrollment so please understand that due to limited space, I’m unable to offer random drop-offs and require that all dogs be scheduled in advance.

I reserve the right to place restrictions on a pup’s attendance in regard to any concerns that could result in compromising the safety of the dogs and clientele.

Up to date on vaccinations, and clean bill of health

This package includes drop-off training for 2 hours each week for 4 weeks in a row.

Want More Training?

Additional lessons can be purchased after completing any of the Coaching Programs. Clients can then choose to either purchase a repeat of the Coaching Program (w/ the same follow-up and email support between sessions at a discounted price) or choose to purchase an individual add-on session for $65, which will include 2 weeks of email support after the add-on session if the support for the original purchased program has expired.

Follow Up Training Coaching Program

The Follow Up program is a great option for dog owners that want to teach their happy-go-lucky pet one or two skills or need help with obedience and rally competition skills and have already been through a Coaching Program or Group Class. I will coach you through training your dog over the course of four lessons held at my training facility. This program is not suitable for fearful or reactive dogs.

This Program Includes:

4 in-person coaching sessions are held at my training facility.

Follow-up Email support for 3 months

A dog trainer gives dog owners the friends they’ve wanted since childhood and dogs a world that makes sense.

–Donald McCraig  

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